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In the eyes of the animal

2017: In the eyes of the animal…Interview

Not much longer and we can welcome a brand new and unique show to our bOing! International Family Festival 2017. Marshmallow Laser Feast have created an extraordinary production called In The Eyes Of The Animal. We caught up with them and asked…

Kubla Khan

2017: Kubla Khan…Interview

With only 2 months to go until bOing! 2017, Oily Cart have been working on creating a very special brand new show which will premiere at the festival called Kubla Khan. We caught up with them and asked Communications and…


bOing! 2017 tickets now on sale!

Performers from The Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, Finland and the UK to headline Kent’s bOing! International Family Festival. Tickets are now on sale! On August 26 & 27 2017, the annual bOing! International Family Festival will once again welcome the most…


bOing! Awarded European Festival Status

bOing! Festival has been awarded the prestigious EFFE status by the European Festivals Association. EFFE stands for, Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe and is awarded to festivals that stand for artistic quality and have a significant impact on a…


Luminarium returning to bOing!

A staggering 3,000 people experienced the Mirazozo Luminarium, created by Nottingham based Architects of Air (AoA) at bOing! 2016. With such unprecendented demand over the festival and lots of visitors asking us to bring it back, we are delighted to…


“A mission to have fun” – volunteer at bOing!

Annie Harrison, who volunteered at bOing! described her experience to us: I was thrilled to be a volunteer on the Saturday at bOing!.  The day was filled with sunshine and the campus thronged with parents and small children all on…


bOing! 2017 – find out first

Put the date 26&27 August in your diary! bOing! is back again this summer. At Gulbenkian, we are busy finalising plans, booking fantastic performances from across Europe which we know you will love! BUT, we are not quite ready to…


2016: Grandfather’s House…Interview

With bOing! 2016 only a week away, Cie Akselere have been here putting the finishing touches to their beautiful new show Grandfather’s House. We caught up with them and asked director Colette Garrigan a few questions about the piece. How…