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Luminarium returning to bOing!

A staggering 3,000 people experienced the Mirazozo Luminarium, created by Nottingham based Architects of Air (AoA) at bOing! 2016.

With such unprecendented demand over the festival and lots of visitors asking us to bring it back, we are delighted to confirm that AoA will be back at bOing! 2017 with another of their stunning creations – Pentalum Luminarium.

The experience inside the Luminaria is hard to describe but wonderful to be a part of.  The designer, Alan Parkinson’s intention is to stimulate visitors to a sense of wonder to the beauty of light and colour, and create an environment where the visitors’ experience is influenced by their own relation to the space around them.

Built in 2013, Architects of Air’s Pentalum is a celebration of the beauty of geometry.  The luminaria have long used forms based on the Platonic solid, the dodecahedron, and the variants subsequently described by Archimedes and Catalan.  Alan Parkinson particularly favours these forms because of how they can complement the sense of discovery. They do this because they are forms that don’t have symmetrical axes to settle the viewer in the space.  Find out more about Pentalum’s Structure.

Alan Parkinson’s involvement with inflatable structures began on a Nottingham community project in 1981.  He designed and built his first luminarium in 1985, with the aid of Probation Service offenders.  In 1990 he created ‘Eggopolis’ which was the first of his luminaria to be shown outside Nottinghamshire.

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Take a look inside Pentalum:

Watch a video introduction to the world of Architects of Air’s luminaria: