The Great Clown Paint Off

Acá Theatre (UK)

The Great Clown Paint Off

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Please note that there is a limited number of baby on lap tickets available per show or screening and are available to purchase from the Ticket & Information Office on 01227 769075 or in person.

Recommended for ages 0-100

20 minutes

Luminarium Hill

Acá Theatre (UK) present The Great Clown Paint Off

The two Clown artists Doa and Squiggle can create masterpieces with a bit of paint and a brush – but who can do it best? Catch the two Clowns in a colourful art competition, where painting is turned into a sublimely chaotic event in the pursuit of magnificent artistry. Accidental acrobatics and surprising slapstick is combined in this unique paint-off between two Clowns who can turn anything into art – even you!