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2017: Beastie…Interview

If you head to Canterbury later this month you may be in for a furry surprise!  We caught up with Lone Twin‘s Executive Producer, Gwen Van Spijk about their show Beastie

How did Lone Twin begin?

Lone Twin was begun by Gary Winters and Gregg Whelan in 1997 when they were finishing their degree at Dartington College of Arts; they collaborated on their graduation project  – a piece called Everest – and have worked together as Lone Twin ever since.

Tell us about Beastie

Beastie is a creature from an unknown place and no-one has ever seen anything quite like Beastie before; some people think Beastie looks like a horse, or sometimes a bird or a dog. There’s lots we don’t know about Beastie; we don’t know if its a girl or a boy, or if there are other beasties like our Beastie. But we do know that Beastie is really friendly and loves meeting new people, finding out about new places and making new friends. And we think Beastie likes eating Pizza.  Beastie doesn’t speak so has to find other ways of communicating with new friends; however people always find ways have a lot of fun and to share stories with Beastie. Beastie first visited the UK in 2011at the Barbican, London and has been visiting various towns and cities with us since then – including travelling to Finland, Ireland and Austria and is now really looking forward to coming to Canterbury.

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What can families expect?

Families can expect a big, fun surprise.

What does it mean to you to come to bOing! ?

Beastie feels very special to be part of such a great programme of work at bOing and is thrilled to be part of an international line up of artists at the Festival.

At the bOing! 2017 Symposium (Child’s Play?) we are discussing creating work for Early Years, what was the first piece of art/performance you experienced?  Why do you think access to the arts by children & young people is important?

Access to the arts is vital for young people: the arts nurture imaginations and fuel creativity; the arts open up the mind to new possibilities and to new and different ways of communicating and sharing experiences; the arts provide opportunities to meet people children might not otherwise get to meet and to overcome barriers that exist in other aspects of life.

Find out more about:

Beastie will be at the Sidney Cooper Gallery on Friday 25 August

Beastie at bOing! on Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 August

Plus other ‘Beastie’ themed events at Sidney Cooper Gallery:

The Beasties are coming! Children’s Drop in workshop on Tuesday 22 August

Find your inner Beastie! 3 Day building workshop starting Tuesday 22 – Thursday 24 August