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In the eyes of the animal

2017: In the eyes of the animal…Interview

Not much longer and we can welcome a brand new and unique show to our bOing! International Family Festival 2017. Marshmallow Laser Feast have created an extraordinary production called In The Eyes Of The Animal.

How did Marshmallow Laser Feast begin?

MLF was conceived by three like minded artists who came together in order to create awe-inspiring projects, combining their expertise across film, photography and interactive architecture with cutting-edge technology, and diving headfirst into the brand new world of VR.

Tell us about the production: In the eyes of the Animal

In the Eyes Of The Animal is virtual reality experience that takes a journey through the perspective of 4 different animals. Each animal see’s and hear’s their world differently. By looking through their eyes, we can begin to understand more about the delicate and vibrant world of living creatures all around us.

What can families expect?

Families can expect to experience nature in a way that is unlike anything they have ever seen and, with any luck, leave with a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

What does it mean to you to come to bOing!?

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We are really excited to have a chance to show our work to the Kent audience, as this is our first invite there.

The theme for this year’s bOing is fabulous beasties – can you describe, draw or creatively show us a fabulous beastie?

One of our favourite beasties would have to be the dragonfly! They have incredible, almost 360° vision and can see up to 300 frames per second, where as humans can only see around 30 frames per second.

Image of a dragonfly