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2017: Motosikai…Interview

bOing! is getting closer and closer! We caught up with Rauli Kosonen of  Race Horse Company abou, their new performance Motosikai.

How did Race Horse Company begin?

The company was started by three circus students in 2008, one of whom was me. We wanted to create a raw, physical circus show and tour it around the world. But we had no idea how to go about it. There were just a few new circus companies on the scene at that time so we asked one of them – Circo Aereo – to help us out. The Finnish circus scene has always had a can-do, never-give-up attitude!

Tell us about Motosikai

Motosikai is a fun and fast outdoor show without any story. There is plenty of crazy ideas and big tricks and the show´s point is to surprise people on the street to see something that would normally happen in theatres.

What can families expect?

Plenty of big tricks, scary, exciting and thrilling moments and just pure silliness and lots of fun.

What does it mean to you to come to bOing!?

Race Horse Company has performed at the Norfolk and Norwich festival, Roundhouse, London and has just finished a UK tour of its large-scale piece Super Sunday. I like touring the UK and just can’t get enough of British cider and cheddar cheese!

At the bOing! 2017 Symposium we are discussing creating work for early years. What was the first piece of art/performance you experienced? Why do you think access to the arts by children & young people is important?

I seriously can´t remember the first live art performance I saw, but I´m sure I got hooked with circus through TV´s Le plus grand cabaret du monde, Cirque du soleil shows and of course JACKASS.

Live performance gives a real connection with the performers and audience. It´s important to see live work these days because you can see everything on YouTube and what you see may not be real. Seeing a real person perform and take the risks (especially in circus) is unique. I think the screens disorientate us from reality quite a bit. (I probably would not have done all the stupid stunts I did in my youth if had seen not only the laughs but also the pain caused when people crash and fall.)

The theme for this year’s bOing! is fabulous beasties – can you describe, draw or creatively show us a fabulous beastie?


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