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2019: Get creative at bOing! with our fun-filled workshops!

At bOing! 2019, there will be no shortage of activities to get stuck into: from building a mini-version of Canterbury to investigating crimes on campus with the School of Science! So roll up your sleeves and get creating, making and investigating with these workshops:

For those who love crafting…

Animate Arts are attempting their biggest build at bOing! yet, and they will be creating Planet Canterbury! Over the weekend, with your help, they will build a model city of Canterbury entirely out of paper and card. Can you join us to build your house? Your school? The local shops? The cathedral? Planet Canterbury needs you!

Half A String will also be hosting a fun, hands-on puppetry workshop for children and parents, where you make your very own fuzzy-buzzy bee puppet to zoom around bOing! 

For those who like to stretch and dance…

They say that 55% of communication comes from our bodies alone, and so it follows that, through dancing and moving, we can tell stories. Dancers Aoi and Esteban will be creating fun physical theatre workshops for all ages, getting our bodies stretching, moving and communicating in a creative flow.

For those who have a story to tell…

For those with a love of words, Neelam Saredia will be hosting a spoken word workshop for all the family that will focus on our origin stories – what are your roots, and how do you connect with them? This is a chance to write your story and perform it at the festival. 

For those who love a scientific experiment…

Working with The University of Kent’s School of Physical Sciences, we will be demonstrating how Liquid Nitrogen and extreme cold affects the properties of gases, liquids and solid materials, including living things. Grab your lab coat, because science is about to get (really, really) cool this summer.

Our reconstructed Crime Scene will also give kids the chance to dress up in protective suits and investigate evidence samples from the most heinous of (imagined) crimes. So, do your kids fancy themselves as a future crime investigator? This could put their analytical skills to the test. 

Find out more about our workshops at bOing! 2019