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2019: Writing Your Family Story

Were you grown from star dust, or sculpted from the ocean?
Or do you come from fish-and-chip Fridays and the smiles of your grandparents?
Award-winning spoken word poet Neelam Saredia-Brayley will be leading a fantastic workshop for all the family at bOing and getting us to speak about our Origin Stories!
We caught up with Neelam to find out more about the workshop: 

What bOing! audiences expect from Origin Stories?

It’s a really exciting workshop and there is no poetry experience needed! We’ll be playing lots of games and activities, and just having space & time to tell family origin stories in a creative way. Most importantly, it’s about celebrating these experiences! Families can be odd, busy, funny, eccentric, cosy, and crazy-amazing; so we’ll be taking time to explore this through poetry, visual arts and storytelling.

What is an origin story?

Every superhero has an origin story, so why not for us superhumans too? We all have stories & traditions that make us who we are – ranging from grand cultural ceremonies, beautiful milestones, to the tiny traditions of fish-and-chip Fridays! We are made of our surroundings too, and it’s the most exciting story you can tell – it stars you as the lead role!

Will it be a silly workshop, a serious workshop, or a bit of both?

I love workshops that have a bit of both, but this will be mostly fun & silly bits  – the chance to just enjoy time with your family, and create some fantastic pieces of poetry, art, or stories together! People can reflect on their origin stories, and create some new memories to add to their stories too.

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I think children & young people (and hopefully adults too!) will learn loads from writing and performing poetry! I started writing poetry when I was about 10, and never stopped – it’s absolutely been my life-line and I’ve found so much joy & passion in it. I’m now a freelance spoken word artist & creative practitioner, and this year I’m creating  & directing my first poetry show with a whole host of wonderful creatives.
Writing and performing poetry genuinely helps with a huge range of skills like confidence & owning your space, creativity, communication, public speaking,  listening & observation, empathy and generally being in touch with your emotions & being able to express this in a healthy way.

Can mums, dads or carers join in your workshop too? 

YES, please! This workshop is for everyone and everyone’s opinions and stories are equally valid. I’d really love for everyone to be empowered by their stories – we create our own amazing beautiful stories from the moment we’re born and this deserves to be shouted about!
Showing times: 
Sat 24 Aug – 11:00am to 12:30pm
Sat 24 Aug – 13:30pm to 15:00pm
Recommended for ages 5+ (no previous experience needed)