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The Lost Colour

2021: An interview with Half A String

We thrilled to be welcoming Half A String back to bOing! Festival 2021 with their brand new show The Lost Colour which has a difference – it’s performed from the top of a van!

We caught up with the company to find out more about the event ahead of the festival…

How did Half A String begin?

“Our first production A Heart at Sea was launched in April 2016 in Canterbury in grey-friars’ secret garden. This is collaboration between Half a String’s Artistic Director Peter Morton and associate artist Avi Simmons, and since then Half a String has grown through creating a touring multiple shows, publishing books, releasing albums and inspiring other to find their creativity.”

Tell us about The Puppet Van: The Lost Colour

“The Puppet Van is an outdoor touring venue 2m in the air! The Lost Colour is our first custom designed show, which is a vibrant joyful explosion of colour and puppets! The story follows Malcolm Brushell a Scottish pigment maker and artist, in a race to create the pink-y-est pink imaginable. The show has its roots in the history of pigment making, even the fermenting cow wee to create Indian yellow! It’s fast pace mad, and silly.”

What can families expect?

“Lots of puppets first of all, of course. We have a cow taking out a helicopter, a trip to the clouds, and a hot air balloon ride to the jungle. There is clowning, lots of colourful bright paint, and it’s all happening on top of a van.”

What does it mean to you to come to bOing! ?

“We love bOing! and have been involved in some way in every festival to date bar one. Being based in Canterbury it always feels like our home performance. It is a really important date in our calendar every year and we always have the best audiences.”

Why do you think access to the art by children and young people is so important?

“We love creativity and finding new ways to imagine and keep challenging ourselves. Accessible art is at the centre of what we do and it is essential for children and young people to explore what they can do, express themselves, and find things they love to do. This is an incredibly important part of growing up.”

Also in summary, please describe your performance in 5 words?

“Colourful, Mad, Joyful, Surprising, & Cow!”

Click here to find out more about the show.