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U'Zambezi 2 Global Sounds

2021: An interview with Music For Change

We are so excited to be welcoming back Music for Change to bOing! 2021.

We caught up with the company to find out more what they have planned for our Global Music Stage ahead of the festival…

How did Music for Change begin?

“Music for Change formed in 1997 by Tom Andrews. The charity evolved from a community project based in Canterbury, called Under One Sky. Our vision is that all members of the community, especially children and young people, fulfil their creative potential whilst respecting and celebrating cultural diversity. We specialise in educational workshops, celebratory events, and specifically targeted projects in just about any setting.”

Tell us about Global Sounds Stage

“The Global Sounds stage is a mix of workshops and performances featuring musicians and dancers from all over the world. Some of these are our core Music for Change artists who deliver workshops in schools throughout the year. This year we present Sima Lagnawi, Beeja, Sarabanda, Kasai Masai on the Saturday and on Sunday we have Brendan Power, U’Zambezi, Kinetika Bloco and Attab Haddad.”

What can families expect?

“Families can expect to watch and listen to a variety of trios, bands and groups and on each day we have dance workshops (socially distanced) at 11.20am – 12.05pm. On Saturday these will be led by Indian dance company Beeja and on Sunday Southern Africa acapella group U’Zambezi who will teach Gumboot dance.”

What does it mean to you to come to bOing! ?

“bOing! is such a fantastic festival to be a part of and it’s great to contribute to a diverse range of acts to this brilliant festival in Canterbury. There is always something exciting to watch and the quality of the productions that come to the festival is always outstanding. It is a privilege for Music for Change to bring our Global Sounds stage to a wider audience.”

Why do you think access to the art by children and young people is so important?

“Access to the arts by children and young people is so important because it is an essential way to express our creativity and provide a space for exploration, fun, enjoyment and learning new skills through a variety of artforms. We have seen first-hand how our creative workshops impact people from early years to older adults and it’s important we can engage with the arts from as young an age as possible. “

Also in summary, please describe your performance in 5 words?

 “Global, sounds, music, dance, fun!”

Click here to find out more about the event.