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“A mission to have fun” – volunteer at bOing!

Annie Harrison, who volunteered at bOing! described her experience to us:

I was thrilled to be a volunteer on the Saturday at bOing!.  The day was filled with sunshine and the campus thronged with parents and small children all on a mission to have fun.

The Alice in Wonderland theme worked well, and volunteers could be easily spotted from their white t-shirts and rabbit ears headgear.  The packed programme of events was fantastic – something for everyone, and I was fortunate to be able to see several performances myself.

We handed out maps and balloons, helped people navigate the bOing! site and managed the crowds to ensure everyone got to see the shows.  We dealt with lost tickets, reunited family members who had split from their groups, attended to scraped knees and replaced popped balloons.  The day flew by in a blur.  Happy parents left with exhausted children and the volunteers stayed on for a wonderful BBQ – the food at bOing! is brilliant.  We had our own green room filled with food during the day, which we shared with all the talent of the actors, dancers and performers on the day.  A memorable experience for everyone involved.

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