Looking back on bOing! 2017

bOing! International Family Festival 2017 saw over 11,500 people interact with the festival, with over 9,500 engaging over the course of the weekend and 2,000 engaging with Secret Encounters by C-12 Dance in Canterbury City Centre and Beastie at Sidney Cooper Gallery during the week running up to the festival.

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bOing! 2017 Festival


Beauty and the Beast

Cars 3

Despicable Me 3

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Free Events

Acá Clowns – The Search for Wilder Things
ACA Theatre (UK)

Swoolish Garage (The Netherlands)

bOing! in Canterbury City Centre

Child’s Play?
bOing! International Family Festival

Culinary Duel
Etta Ermini Dance Theatre (UK)

Delinus (The Netherlands)

Gulbenkian Youth Performances

Bootworks Theatre (UK)

Cirque Du Platzak (The Netherlands)

Race Horse Company (Finland)

Of Man and Beast
Company Chameleon (UK)

Ticketed Events

A Little Wilder
Andy Manley (UK)

The Ruggeds (The Netherlands)

Lone Twin (UK)

Beastie at Sidney Cooper Gallery
Lone Twin (UK)

Concerto Para Bebés (Concert for Babies)
Musicalmente (Portugal)

Family Matter
Emrys Plant

In the Eyes of the Animal
Marshmallow Laser Feast (UK)

Knol D’Amour
Superhallo (The Netherlands)

Kubla Khan
Oily Cart (UK)

Pentalum Luminarium
Architects of Air (UK)

School of Physical Sciences, University of Kent