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2018: Are you an Adventurer or a Discoverer? Find out here!

With so many shows and things to do at bOing! International Family Festival, you’re spoiled for choice! But it can be helpful to narrow down what you and your family will enjoy the most. If you’re interested in what younger and older children will enjoy, click here to find some suggestions.

Enjoying a show is not just all about age, though. You may find that you and your family enjoy one type of show over another, no matter valium online order how old you are. We narrowed some ideas for things to do at bOing! Festival this year based on personality…are you a Discoverer, or an Adventurer?


Do you like asking questions and solving a mystery? Do you enjoy finding out about the unknown beyond the stars? Do you find the weird and wonderful fascinating? Then you just might be a Discoverer! Check out our suggestions for what not to miss at bOing! that will really grab your curiosity.

Androcles and the Lion

Let yourself be transported through your imagination to the deserts, filled with hungry lions and a slave running for his life, as you lie back peacefully in a hammock. Under a canopy that looks like the night sky, follow an accused thief on his journey through the night to his freedom…


Discover the artwork of Joan Miro, but in art form! Watch in amazement the dancers onstage creating beautiful shapes with bright, dazzling colours; Find your playful side again as the dancers embody childlike innocence, using their movements to embody joy.

Crime Scene & Cool Science

We all have a bit of a scientist within us, and here are some opportunities to have a go at it in real life! Explode dozens of bananas with liquid nitrogen in Cool Science, before searching for the clues to solve the crime in Crime Scene – like a real investigator!

DJ Frietmachine

Did you ever think that a potato would make a good instrument? If you have any doubts, find out for yourself as these master DJs prove how music is in everything around us.

The Secret of Nanna

Nanna has been keeping a secret, but she has brought her lorry all the way from Spain to let you in on it! Step inside and learn what she has been keeping hidden!


The universe has so much more to offer than just what we can see and feel on planet Earth. You may not be able to go into space yourself, but the Astrodome can show you the stars like you’ve never seen them before!


Are you always searching for the next exciting thing? Do you enjoy being hands-on and throwing yourself into the action? Do you want to see things that are wild and powerful? Then you are probably an Adventurer! We have some ‘best picks’ for what you would enjoy at bOing!, so check them out below.


It’s not everyday that you get to see amazing hip-hop choreography with holographic 3D overlays, let alone a multicultural show from Down Under! Efren Pamilacan, Jason Ng, and HYPER REELIST bring this performance from Melbourne. It is as astonishing as it is unique.

Shipbuilder Workshop and Treasure Hunt

Throw yourself into a mad treasure hunt at bOing! 2018, feeling like you’re sailing the Seven Seas whilst wearing the ship that you built in the workshop earlier! Parents and children can get creative together in this workshop, and search together for the prizes!

Bhangra Dance and Drumming Workshop

Cohesion Plus and 4×4 Bhangra are bringing their dynamic performance to bOing!, but have you ever wanted to try this new style for yourself? Full of energy and excitement, this workshop is perfect if you want to get yourself out of your comfort zone and have a ton of fun!


A hip-hop dance show like you have never seen: 6 dancers, trapped in a cage outside, trying to escape. The powerful choreography is hard-hitting and wild – watch these talented dancers perform moves like no other!

10 Minute Dance Parties

This is your chance to let off some steam yourself, dancing like crazy inside a shipping container with neon lights! It’s only for 10 minutes, so there is no excuse not to go full out!

Sienta la Cabeza

If you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd, you’ll love Sienta la Cabeza! These world-class hairdressers use recycled materials (like plastic bottles!) to give you hair that is out of this world! Feel brave and them go wild with your hair, giving you an eye-catching look that you wouldn’t have believed possible.

If you’re both an Adventurer and a Discoverer, then mix and match the shows from these suggestions to create your perfect bOing! 2018 experience! Or, if you feel more like one than the other, don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new!