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2018:Behind the curtain with Constellations!

After it’s amazing reception at Gulbenkian in 2014, we have been waiting for Constellations to return to Canterbury…and now, four years later, we are welcoming Aracaldanza and their award-winning show to bOing! 2018!

We have asked Aracaladanza 5 questions about their show and company to celebrate 2018 being the 5th birthday of bOing!. If you want to know more about the show in person, though, you can still buy tickets for you and the whole family.

How did Aracaladanza begin?

“1995 was the starting point for a dream come true. Enrique Cabrera, an Argentinian dancer and puppeteer who arrived in Spain years before, felt the personal and artistc need to develop high quality dance work for children and family audiences. When he started to develop his work and creativity there was almost no other company or project alike.”

Tell us more about Constellations.

“Constellations is the stage dream inspired by the universe of the Spanish painter Joan Miró. It is neither a recreation of his paintings nor a dance of his sculptures. It is a result of the images that all the artistic team had while working within Joan Miró’s creativity. This play is part of a trilogy that started with Tiny Paradises, inspired by Hieronymus Bosch, followed by Clouds, inspired by surrealism of Rene Magritte.”

What can families expect?

“Pure fun. Free imagination. Colour. Play. Contemporary Dance. Puppets. Projections. Great dancers. Joan Miró.”

What does it mean to you to come bOing!?

“Fortunately, it is not the first time we have been invited to be part of what we consider a marvellous experience. We love bOing! because audiences, companies and organizers share a nice, friendly and family energy and, at the same time, such good shows can be enjoyed.”

Why do you think access to the arts by children and young people is important?

“Access to the arts, as well as to education, is essential not only for the younger but for everyone. Works of art reflect what we are and through them both children, young people and adults relate to day-to-day life. Also, they develop ideas and expand the creativity and thus help us to be better and independent in our judgements. We do seriously believe art can change the world.”

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