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bOing! 2017 tickets now on sale!

Performers from The Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, Finland and the UK to headline Kent’s bOing! International Family Festival. Tickets are now on sale!

On August 26 & 27 2017, the annual bOing! International Family Festival will once again welcome the most innovative and exciting performers from across Europe to Gulbenkian, Canterbury.

bOing! 2017 includes a brilliant new commission for early years by Andy Manley and Ian Cameron, creators of the multi-award winning White. A Little Wilder is a playful and visual new show for young children.

The programme also boasts the premiere of Kubla Khan, a new multi-sensory work for young audiences by Oily Cart, with 3 versions of the show for 3-19 year olds with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD), on the Autism spectrum, and those who are deafblind.

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The 2017 Festival is the most international bOing! to date. The Ruggeds, a breakdance crew from the Netherlands will bring their explosive energy to bOing!; Musicalmente from Portugal, will perform their mesmerising Concert for Babies; there are more tumbles and flips from the acrobatic Race Horse Company from Finland; and bOing! regulars Dybwikdans from Norway bring their version of The Ugly Duckling to the UK for the very first time.

The finale to both festival days is provided by Cirque Du Platzak from the Netherlands, a collective of 12 musicians and circus performers, providing gasps, laughs and cheers for an outdoor audience.

Audiences at bOing! 2017 will also find the spectacular Pentalum Luminarium by Architects of Air, and Lone Twin’s friendly Beastie, Shona Reppe with The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean, the world’s smallest working bus, ‘potatoes of love’, a 3D animal experience, Aquaduck, chefs and DJ’s in battle and much more.