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Category: 2019

Introducing the new Global Sounds Stage at bOing!

We caught up with Saffie from Music For Change to hear what they have planned for the new Global Sounds Stage at bOing! Global Sounds from Music for Change Music for Change are excited to have been invited to bring…


Planting tiny seeds that grow into massive connections

We asked Vicki Oliver about volunteering with Moving Memory on making Love Grows, a new dance piece coming to bOing!2019. Volunteering for this project has been exciting. Seeing the enormous outcomes happen, such as the joy of dancing as a…


2019: Writing Your Family Story

Were you grown from star dust, or sculpted from the ocean? Or do you come from fish-and-chip Fridays and the smiles of your grandparents? Award-winning spoken word poet Neelam Saredia-Brayley will be leading a fantastic workshop for all the family…


2019: Accessibility at bOing!

bOing! is free to enter and we have free parking available on campus so that everybody can come and join in the fun with us – from the very young to the very elderly, or adults, children and teenagers with…


2019: An interview with the artistic director of PULSE!

For their first ever outdoor production, Joss Arnott Dance partners with a world class design team as a dancer and drummer explore the interplay between movement and music. Arnott’s athletic and unique movement language has been described as “exquisite to…


2019: An Interview with Oily Cart, the creators of JAMBOREE

Oily Cart are back at bOing 2019 doing what they do best:  transforming everyday environments into colourful, tactile wonderlands. bOing! visitors are invited to join them in their world of imagination and experience JAMBOREE, where it’s time to dance, laugh and…