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Come to bOing! 2021 with confidence

Festivals are fun places to explore and try new things but there are a few things to keep in mind when bringing your family to bOing! 

Here is some general festival advice and tips for attending the festival this year:

Safety Measures

All shows at bOing! will be performed in line with government guidance on COVID-19 and indoor events will have socially distanced seating arrangements but here are a few things we recommend you do at the festival.

Take a test the day before coming to the festival
If you have coronavirus and need to quarantine, please remain home and contact our ticket office (boxoffice@kent.ac.uk) who will arrange a refund for any tickets you have purchased for the festival.

Wear face masks
For your safety, and the safety of our staff and other audience members, please wear face masks in indoor areas and crowded spaces.

Keep socially distanced from other festival attenders
As you walk around the festival or watch events, please keep to social distancing.

Use hand sanitiser
Hand sanitiser stations will be available in each venue but we recommend bringing your own hand sanitiser.

First Aid
We have St John’s Ambulance on site – Please ask a member of our Team if you need First Aid assistance.

Protecting your possessions

While we have our staff members and volunteers monitoring the site at all times, with so many people it can be very easy to misplace something. To avoid losing your precious items, we suggest you bring a secure bag and make sure you don’t leave it unattended. If you bring a car and choose to leave items locked in there, we recommend you place them out of sight of the windows.

Avoiding sunburn

We are hoping for great weather over bOing! weekend, and as many of our events take place outside on the University of Kent campus, you may be in the sun for a few hours. While soaking up Vitamin D can be good for you, too much can leave you and your children with a nasty sunburn. Remember to bring sun cream (ideally SPF 50 for young children), hats, and wear clothes that cover your shoulders. Sun cream needs to be applied regularly to remain effective. And, if you can find some shade or take time to see our indoor events, that will help prevent you being in the sun for too long.

If you feel that you have severe sunburn or heatstroke, we have first aiders on site to help you.

Bringing children?

It goes without saying that all adults should be accompanied by a responsible child!

Parents/minders/guardians should download site map (available soon) before they depart for bOing! showing where the Info Tent is – this is the main help point for children/adults. If you find you have been separated from your child, please locate a team member who will accompany you to the bOing! Information Tent. If you find a child that is obviously lost, please stay where you are and get someone else to alert a team member or go to basecamp. Please DO NOT TRY AND TAKE THE CHILD ANYWHERE, someone will come to you. Please be reminded that it is an offence for any person to be drunk whilst responsible for a child, drink responsibly & remember your responsibilities.

TIP: Take a photo of your children on your mobile phone on the morning you depart for bOing! so you have their clothing, hair style, and an up-to -date photo on hand at all times. Writing your mobile number on your child’s arm or hand in safe ink is also advisable so that if your child becomes separated from you, we can contact you directly.

We have more information about staying safe, and a map of bOing!, on our Plan Your Day page.


Babies will really enjoy Playground Tent which has been developed specifically with them in mind. 
For other shows where babies are welcome there will be a baby on lap ticket available for 0-18 months at £1.  Due to the format of some shows they may not suitable for babies, this will be clearly outlined in the description of the event.

Baby changing facilities are available at each venue. Adult changing is available in the library.

Ear Protectors

Noise levels will vary across the site and will be at a level suitable for families.  However, some performances may include loud drumming which could be too intense for smaller children.

If your child is sensitive to noise, you may wish to consider Ear Defenders, which reduces sound to a more comfortable level.

Buggies, strollers and prams

Buggies, strollers and prams are welcome at bOing! If you are bringing a buggy, stroller or pram, please be advised that they are not allowed into the Auditoriums and indoor ticketed events.  There will be buggy, stroller and pram parking areas available at the entrance of each venue. Buggies, stroller and prams parked in these areas will be left at owner’s risk, so make sure you keep your valuables safely stored with you.