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Delegate Packages now available

bOing! International Family Festival showcases the world’s best performances for families and in 2016 we established a delegate programme, positioning bOing! as a platform  to discover new work for young audiences, to meet artists, to see and discuss work and to take part in international debate and discussion.

Gulbenkian Programme Manager, Ali Chambers, explains, “This year we invite delegates to experience work for all ages from UK, Norway, The Netherlands and Finland, and a new commission from Andy Manley for 3-5 years called A Little Wilder. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see these companies in one location.”

Delegates will also be discussing creating work for early years audiences, joining a panel of experts and practitioners who will lead a discussion on:

  • What needs to be considered when creating work for early years?
  • What needs to change to offer more and better work for young children and their families?
  • Are there some countries and cultures better at this than we are, and if so, why?

You can find more details on the Delegate Package here