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Looking out to Europe and beyond: bOing! 2019’s international creatives

Every year, we want to make bOing! International Family Festival as brilliant as it can possibly be, which is why we bring together fantastic, jaw-dropping performances from all over the world.

Because of this commitment, bOing! was awarded the EFFE Label, Europe’s quality stamp for remarkable arts festivals showing their engagement in the field of the arts, community involvement and international openness.

Together, we celebrate what it is to be human, offering opportunities to spark creativity across continents and to share in the joy of imagination and music.

This year, we will be featuring:

Presented by Nyash Company (Belgium)

Using a set made of chairs and the rhythm of cello and voice, two dancers move, balance and play in this beautiful performance from Belgium. Ordinary chairs become monsters, vehicles and perilous walkways in Nyash’s remarkable performance for over-threes.

★★★★ ‘Remarkable’ – The Guardian


The Forest of Grimm
Presented by La Maquiné (Spain)

Do you have a favourite fairy tale? The Forest of Grimm is a visual and musical show inspired by the fairy tales of the brothers Grimm: Tom Thumb, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty, among others.

Beautifully surreal, this magical puppetry performance has no words, but uses the musical piece Ma mèrel’Oye (Mother Goose) by Ravel, to bring life to the stories.

Presented by Dybwikdans (Norway)

Lulla is a wonderfully joyous performance – and it’s especially for babies! dybwikdans has toured nationally and internationally, and they are regular attendees to bOing! festival. 

Lulla does not tell a precise story; instead, it uses nursery rhymes and lullabies to invite physical and musical interaction with its smallest audience members.


The Remix, Hurray!
Presented by Superhallo (The Netherlands)

The Remix, Hurray! is a fascinating and titillating installation.

This colourful building turns into an original feast factory for you and your family to explore.
By operating the installation yourself, you create a unique visual interplay with a spectacular, festive finale.

From now on you’ll always have a reason to celebrate! Intrigued? Well, you’ll have to have a go!


From closer to home, we will also have a completely free stage for everyone to enjoy, celebrating the rich cultural diversity found within the UK:

The Music for Change Global Sounds Stage will be offering musical performances, workshops and storytelling inspired by influential traditions from a range of different countries – take part in a drumming workshop, or watch acrobatics in the sunshine.