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Man in sweater black and white drinking from colourful illustrated drink can

Introducing Elliot Masters: our bOing! 2023 Artist

This year for the first time, we commissioned an artist to create our bOing! poster image.

We selected Kent-based Elliot Masters as we felt his technique of applying colourful illustrations across photographic images perfectly captures the colour and joy of the festival. You can see the results on our posters and flyers promoting bOing! this year. We love Elliot’s take on the magic of bOing! and hope that you do to.

PLUS if you donate £10 or more to our bOing! fundraising campaign we will give you your own special, limited edition copy of the poster as a thank you! Click here to donate.

Instagram: @ell85design   Website: ell85.co.uk

We spoke to Elliot about his own connection with bOing! and his approach to his artwork.

“I went to the 2022 bOing! Festival with my wife and 18month-year-old daughter. It was such a fun, chilled-out experience that was perfect for a young family. The whole time we felt comfortable and relaxed; the day was full of activities, music, good food and fun.  

When I got the call from the bOing! festival team to be the artist for the festival promo materials I jumped at this exciting opportunity. It was pure coincidence that I’d been to the festival before and this gave me a real sense of the identity of bOing! and how I could translate that into an outcome.  

My main takeaway from the festival was how vibrant it was and how it “added colour to the summer”. I worked with the festival team to find the right photo to work from out of the bOing! archive and it helped develop my idea further. 

I wanted to create a colourful take on a modern festival mixed with an old-time Renaissance fair. To add that bOing! outdoors twist I added an exaggerated version of the bOing! bunny ears from previous festivals. Fun parts of working on this were adding little details to “background” characters, incorporating my trademark fried egg into the piece and the little snail carrying the signage.”

Elliot Masters is a Kent-based artist whose work combines illustration and photography. Working under the pseudonym ell85 he has collaborated with the likes of clothing brand Hobo Jack, celebrity stylist Aaron Carlo and California-based designers Creative Thrds. His work has been featured by CNN, ‘Cene magazine, Inside Kent and filmprocessing.co.uk.  

Instagram: @ell85design 

Website: ell85.co.uk 

If you would like to donate and receive a copy for Elliot’s brilliant poster artwork, you can donate here and pickup your poster at bOing! 2023.