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2018: Luminarium returning to bOing!

Each of the past 2 years, a staggering 3,000 people have experienced the luminaria, created by Nottingham based Architects of Air (AoA). We are delighted to confirm that AoA will be back at bOing! 2018 with another of their stunning creations – Katena Luminarium.

Katena takes its name from the catenary curve – the shape of a chain suspended between 2 points – that has a natural visual sympathy with pneumatic forms. Gaudi exploited suspended chains when he designed the Sagrada Familia to create an organic architecture.

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The Main Dome of Katena resembles a pineapple and has been likened to a Hindu temple from the inside. Its construction was particularly intricate with a fine mesh of riveted and sewn reinforcement defining the shape and over 200 colour highlights spiraling upward to a green finial.

Alan Parkinson’s involvement with inflatable structures began on a Nottingham community project in 1981.  He designed and built his first luminarium in 1985, with the aid of Probation Service offenders.  In 1990 he created ‘Eggopolis’ which was the first of his luminaria to be shown outside Nottinghamshire.

Watch a video introduction to the world of Architects of Air’s luminaria: