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2016: New photos of our Norwegian Princess and the Pea

If you were lucky enough to get tickets to Dybwikdans sell out Toddlers Room at bOing! 2015, then you will be as excited as we are to see them back with us this year!

Our team had a chance to speak to this incredibly inventive Norwegian team about their new performance called The Princess and the Pea to get a peek at what lies in store at bOing!2016.

The origins of the performance lie in the renowned fairytale The Princess on the Pea by H.C. Andersen, but don’t be fooled, this is no ordinary play with actors telling you a story of morality happening in a fantasy world. It is a completely different way of storytelling that is definitely going to captivate you and your children.

In this version you get to dress up and become a part of the story. Dybwikdans have created a unique chance to experience the magical world of fairytales by taking an active part in the story and influencing it to take unexpected turns.

“We have used a lot of time to create a scenographic environment that can be exiting for children, we have planned costumes for all participants and we hope that we can manage to have a meeting between the artist in improvisation and children in their own playful world.” – Siri Dybwik

Dybwikdans “are aiming for giving you a great experience” and we are excited to welcome them at bOing! 2016!

Have a look at their famous performance based on another well-known fairytale that has run for 800 shows for children in Norway: The Ugly Duckling