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2018:The School of Physical Sciences is bringing the wonders of science to our festival!

At bOing! this summer we are able to bring you not 1…not 2…but 3 events from the University of Kent’s School of Physical Sciences! Experiment like a mad scientist in Cool Science, find the answer in the evidence at Crime Scene, and finish up your weekend up exploring the universe in the Astrodome!

Cordelia Scott from the School of Physical Sciences has, in the countdown to bOing!’s 5th birthday on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August 2018, shared with us 5 answers to 5 questions, all about how and why the University of Kent is getting involved with us on their beautiful campus.

How did the School of Physical Sciences begin?

“I think you can probably find specifics for this part on the School of Physical Sciences Kent website, if you’re curious!”

Tell us more about the Astrodome, Cool Science, and Crime Scene.

“All of our activities are most regularly used for school visits. The Astrodome is an immersive Mobile Planetarium experience where you can find out more about the universe. Cool Science is an interactive liquid nitrogen show looking at how the extreme cold affects the things around us, while Crime Scene is an opportunity for you to become a Crime Scene Investigator for the day.”

What can families expect?

“I hope that each and every person we see over the 2 days will enjoy their time with us participating in a science activity.”

What does it mean to you to come to bOing!?

“I’m really pleased that we’re able to build this year on our relationship with bOing! and offer more science activities at a traditionally arts focused event.”

Why do you think access to the arts by children and young people is so important?

“Sciences and art are really good companions – you can’t come up with new ideas if you don’t have imagination that can often be fostered through arts.”

Also, in summary, please describe your performance in 5 words!

“Engaging, immersive, and highly fun!”


We are very excited for the School of Physical Sciences to bring science and the arts together with us at bOing!, and we look forward to seeing you at their events!

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