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“Experiencing bOing! as a volunteer was a blast!”

We know that bOing! could not not have grown into the beautiful festival that it is without our bOing! volunteers – a brilliant group of people who give their time each year to help make the festival happen.

But what is it that makes someone give up their weekend for bOing!? We spoke to some of our amazing volunteers to find out more……

Kasia Senyszyn

“I’m doing a full-time PhD, have 3 part-time jobs and direct and produce theatre ‘on the side’…why on Earth would I give up my bank holiday weekend to volunteer at bOing!??

Simple – it’s so much fun, it’s a valued contribution to the fantastic programme, and seeing young and old being inspired for life right here in our city was incredible. Plus I met wonderful people and watched amazing work – for free! Who is doing whom the favour here actually??

There was such a range of things to get involved in and the team were really supportive, grateful for our help and clearly genuinely loved what they’d put together. This made it a great environment to work in and there was flexibility to go see valium online things or move area and to get really involved in the performances themselves. It was great to see even just a fraction of the things that go on behind the scenes to make bOing! so successful, and to work with people who were as passionate about theatre (in all its forms) as I am.

If you love the arts, people, sunshine, furry ears, laughter, ice cream, smiles, friendship, getting great experience, inspiring performances and a genuine good time then you should really consider volunteering for bOing! See you in August!”

Melissa Pattermore 

“I have been lucky enough to be a part of the bOing! Festival, the amazing staff and fellow volunteers, for the last two years. The whole site is full of colour, imagination, creativity and inspiration across many genres such as dance, theatre and acrobatics plus many more.

It is difficult to imagine the festival improving but each year it gets even better. I have made crowns with children and their families, handed out stickers and balloons, guided people around the site and seen some fabulous performances too. The best part of bOing! is the combination of free and ticketed events so that no one misses out. A great weekend or day out for all budgets. The food is delicious and offers something for everyone.

bOing! really stands out due to the blend of different countries and cultures performing together, creating a heart-warming atmosphere of communication and friendship from around the world.”

Nora Seelmann

“Experiencing bOing! as a volunteer was a blast! The usually quite quiet campus during summer transformed into a buzzing festival ground filled with parents, children, students and artists enjoying breathtaking performances.

While the theme was dedicated to beasties, monsters and other creative creatures we volunteers would put on our white rabbit ears and t-shirts so nobody could miss us in case we were needed. We guided visitors to the right places, managed the crowds to make sure everyone could see the shows. We reunited families, dealt with lost tickets, mended bruises and helped out wherever we could from our central information hub.

The fantastic programme included all kinds of dance, theatre, singing or circus acts – there was definitely something to be found for everyone. I was lucky to see some of the shows myself and we all had a stroll in the magical Luminarium. During the day we had our own room to have a little break and reload our energy with brilliant food and drinks. After the last big act, happy parents and children went home but volunteers and actors stayed to enjoy a delicious BBQ! – and enjoy a nice summer evening. What a memorable experience to have been a part of!”

Find out more about volunteering at bOing! here.

Originally published 2019;Updated 2021.