Help make bOing! special

Help make bOing! special

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It is so exciting that bOing! is growing every year, but it means that we need your help to make it happen.

You can help bOing! by telling your friends all about it, by giving time as a volunteer, or by donating to help us create more brilliant experiences for people of all ages.

Be a bOing! volunteer.

We are looking for volunteers to join us at bOing!  You will gain extraordinary insight into the running of a venue/event. We are committed to helping you develop your skills and your confidence concerning the task of your choice. You will have the opportunity to meet others with a shared passion and as a thank you you will leave with with complimentary tickets to future shows and films at Gulbenkian.

Read a volunteer’s experience in this blog post

If you would like more information on the exciting volunteer opportunities available at bOing! please contact r.m.brown@kent.ac.uk

or join the facebook group!


We need your support to make bOing! bigger and better in future. We are committed to bringing bOing! to more children and young people across Kent, in particular working with schools and community groups to reach those who do not usually have the opportunity to experience performance.

Every penny can help us to do this, so please donate online here or by phone on 01227 769075 if you would like to support bOing!