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2018: What will my children enjoy at bOing!?

It can be hard as a parent to plan a day out the entire family will enjoy – if your children are at different ages and want to watch shows made for them, or if there are so many things on offer you don’t know where to begin! Sometimes just having a place to start can make going out with the family so much more stress-free.

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bOing! is open to everyone of all ages, which is why we have invited so many artists to cater to all! To help narrow down which shows we have ready and waiting for your wants and needs, we have some advice on what we think your children at different ages will enjoy more than some others!*

Younger Children

( Age 5 and Under)


Full of bright colours, wild shapes, and playful dance, this show will captivate and capture the imagination of younger audiences and parents/guardians.

Beatles for Babies

Designed specifically for toddlers and babies, what could be better for young families than to introduce young ears to Beatlemania?

The Secret of Nanna

Encouraging curiosity has been shown to be key for young child development. Entering the lorry to find The Secret of Nanna inside a giant pop-up book will do just that!

Yurt for Little People

Between the other scheduled shows, keep your youngsters occupied by entering the Yurt for Little People and let them let off a little steam by colouring, playing, making stories.

Older Children

(Ages 5-18)

Androcles and the Lion

It’s not often you get the chance to be told a magical story of a runaway in the desert while lying back in a hammock, so why miss it? This show has a quiet atmosphere, which means it is more suited to older children.


Having traveled 10,451 miles to come to bOing! 2018, this show combines hip-hop, contemporary, a DJ and insane holographic technology. Only seen before in Melbourne, Australia, they are giving Canterbury the exclusive opportunity to see them for one weekend only!


6 dancers. 1 cage. A weekend of performance. If you and your family want to see this original take of hip-hop, this show is not to be missed!

There is also a great opportunity for older children, as Dyptik, the genius company behind the show, is offering two tailor-made hip-hop workshops for dance beginners in addition to their dancers performing: one workshop slot for ages 8-12, and another slot for ages 12-18. (The workshops will be taking place at the same time as some of the D-Construction performances, so please book a performance time that is different from the workshop if you want to attend both!)

City Sessions

The talented choreographer of 9DIMES, Efren Pamilacan, is giving bOing! 2018 two opportunities to marvel at his work by performing City Sessions: come for the freestyle dance battles, stay for the amazing experience.

bOing! Debate

What do young people and parents/guardians think about the arts being accessible for young people? Some of Gulbenkian’s ART(Y)31 members will be hosting a debate about just that!

ART31 Busking Area

In between performances, there are still things to do! ART31 have invited the very best young performers take the stage in the Busking Area – relax, listen, and enjoy.

*The shows listed are simply our handpicked recommendations. It is completely possible to see a mixture of the artists from both lists, in different orders, or mix them up with other performances. This list exists to act as a starting point for you to figure out what you can do over the bOing! weekend!

Photo credit: Manu Palomeque