This is Art

Sprankenstein Studio & Spring Lane Neighbourhood Centre Creatives (UK)

This is Art

Showing Times:

Recommended for ages 0-100

Grimond Building

Sprankenstein Studio & Spring Lane Neighbourhood Centre Creatives (UK) present This is Art

From June-August 2021, Sprankenstein Studio, alongside a roster of talented creatives, have been working with members of Spring Lane Neighbourhood Centre in Canterbury to run art and design workshops challenging what it means to be an artist. Participants have discovered that anything and everything can be art, not just what you see in the high-end galleries. This is Art is a journey of self-expression and creativity, encouraging the participants to break out of their comfort zone and create work that they might never have considered before. The ‘This is Art’ exhibition will showcase the works created by the community which we are delighted to present as part of bOing Festival 2021.

This project is part of the Future Arts Centres national ‘Here & Now’ programme, funded by the National Lottery.