LuminiMax – Luminarium

Architects of Air

LuminiMax – Luminarium

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Recommended for ages All

20 minutes

Cathedral Meadow

Additional info:

Architects of Air return to bOing! with another stunning Luminarium experience.

Architects of Air present LuminiMax – Luminarium

The Architects of Air are back with the latest evolution of their Luminarium and the most exciting version yet.

LuminiMax – a new initiative for the future and a step back into the past!

Architects of Air originated from a Nottingham project that in the 1980’s that served community groups, schools, playschemes and adults and children with special needs. Accessibility was a key feature back then.

Since launching in 1992 AoA’s luminaria have maintained accessibility to a very broad public while averaging more than 1,000 visitors a day at presentations around the world. This 2024 première of LuminiMax at Nottingham’s Lakeside Arts Centre represents a return to our roots as a regional community project.

LuminiMax is composed of smaller luminaria called ‘Lumini’. While the luminaria all have their own common theme, each Lumini has a distinct character. After the Lakeside presentation the different elements of LuminiMax will be able to go their own separate ways. Each Lumini can stand alone and can be tailored to adapt to different locations.

The Lumini will be the resource of Architects of Air’s Lumini Project, serving community groups, schools, adults and children with special needs in our region and further afield.

Please note:

Time in the Luminarium is limited to 20 minutes at busy periods, but longer if there is no queue. Due to the special setting of this event, audience members who wish to enter the structure will be asked to remove their shoes.

Children under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult (1 adult to 4 childen). Babies (0-18months) are free to enter the Luminarium with an adult and do not require a baby ticket.

LuminiMax is accessible to wheelchair users and anyone with mobility issues.