It’s Hot, It’s Not

Reckless Sleepers

It’s Hot, It’s Not

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Please note that there is a limited number of baby on lap tickets available per show or screening and are available to purchase from the Ticket & Information Office on 01227 769075 or in person.

Recommended for ages 2 to 6

40 minutes

Aphra Studio

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A visual story is available upon request

Reckless Sleepers present It’s Hot, It’s Not

Why is it that sometimes I’m hot but you’re cold? Why are there puddles and sometimes not? How can it be sunny and rainy all at once and also not at all? And if it’s summer here, why is it winter there?

Some call it our nation’s obsession but where would we be without the weather? It’s Hot, It’s Not is a celebration of climatic elements by the major international performance company Reckless Sleepers, renowned for creating bold, innovative and, above all, original work.

This surreal, funny and carefully crafted physical performance explores the weather in all its forms from summer to autumn, winter to spring and takes delight in discovering the world anew and how we experience it differently, wherever we are.

Reckless Sleepers’ work sits somewhere between visual art, dance and theatre. Formed in 1988, and taking its name from a painting by the Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte, the company of 12 artists of specialisms in visual art, dance and theatre make work that collides these disciplines to create new worlds out of the debris.

“Delightful.” ★★★★
Duska Radosavljevic / The Stage

Age guide: 2 – 6