Albesila Luminarium

Architects of Air (UK)

Albesila Luminarium

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Recommended for ages 0-100

20 minutes

Luminarium Hill

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More information from www.architects-of-air.com

Architects of Air (UK) present Albesila Luminarium

Tickets on sale 26 March.

Architects of Air’s 25th anniversary structure takes a fresh approach to the construction of the labyrinth.

Previously luminaria had avoided having long sight lines to enhance a sense of losing oneself. This latest luminarium risks to make orientation easy using a rectilinear grid of quadraxial ‘eggs’, each approaching 5 metres high.

13 of the eggs are entirely wrap-around colour and 4 eggs provide the base for an imposing Tree structure. 10 more eggs are opaque silver where, looking upward, visitors may discover an inlaid geometric pattern of illuminated lines influenced by Islamic design.

From 26 March, a limited number of advance time slot tickets will be made available.  Once these have sold out, entry tickets will be available to purchase on the day only.

We recommend that you book entry in advance for a timeslot – it can be busy on the day. Time in the Luminarium is limited to 20 minutes at busy periods, but longer if no queue. Due to the special setting of this event, audience members who want to wish to enter the structure will be asked to remove their shoes.

Children under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult (1 adult to 4 childen). Babies (0-18months) are free to enter the Luminarium with an adult and do not require a baby ticket.

The Luminarium is accessible to wheelchair users and anyone with mobility issues.