Moon Landing – VR Experience

Moon Landing – VR Experience

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60 minutes

Colyer-Fergusson Workshop

Experience one of Animate Art’s amazing paper installations in 360 degrees! This short film viewed on headsets will transport you through outer space and land you on to a paper moon! This close-up crater landscape is inspired by the 50th anniversary of man walking on the moon, and created by professional artists and 200 children across east Kent as part of Art Builders project kindly funded by Arts Council England.

Time slots throughout Saturday and Sunday. 20 minute duration includes 6 minutes of VR experience

Moon Landing VR Experience tickets will also include a free pass on the day to the Planet Canterbury workshop.
Please note: No additional ticket is required for Planet Canterbury, please show your Moon Landing VR ticket to gain entry to Planet Canterbury.

Please note: Virtual reality is an immersive experience and is capable of eliciting strong responses. Some people may experience motion sickness, nausea, disorientation, discomfort or vertigo.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.