Playful Tiger

Barrowland Ballet

Playful Tiger

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Recommended for ages 7+

45 minutes

Lumley Studio

Additional info:

Focusing on sensory engagement with capacity for 8 young people with complex needs and their families/carers. An information pack, Visual Story, and Timeline will be provided to audiences in advance of each performance.
Tickets are bought in zones of 2-6 people, please purchase for one person with complex needs plus up to 5 free carers/friends/family.

Barrowland Ballet present Playful Tiger

Playful Tiger tells the story of a tiger’s visit to a rigid family home where he turns their world upside down. It’s chaotic but brilliantly fun, with a focus on sensory engagement.

Playful Tiger is for children and young people age 7+ with complex autism who are mainly non-verbal. Playfulness within the work creates space for a two-way response between audience and performers.

Made in collaboration with Ellie Griffiths Projects, this piece interacts directly with the audience, with a focus on sensory engagement.

“remarkably bold and visionary…what really shines through is the generosity and constant awareness that the dancers show throughout the performance… the interaction is an uplifting witness to how dance can loosen up more than muscles.” ★★★★- The Herald