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Pets at bOing!

Pets at bOing!

Even pets are welcome at bOing!

Bring your dog by all means but be sure you have some plastic bags in your pocket so that you can clear up any mess. If you bring a pet, keep it on a lead at all times, under control in public areas and please be considerate of other festival attenders.

Be advised that they will not be able to enter ticketed events or the Gulbenkian Café – with the exception of Assistance dogs. Make sure your pet has plenty of water available and somewhere to shelter from the sun.

At bOing! there is also a number of loud outdoor events and some some areas can become quite busy so please be mindful of this when bringing along your canine pal.

Never leave pets shut in vehicles in the heat of the day – if people see a pet in a distressed condition, the RSPCA will be called and you may face prosecution.

Updated 2022.