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2018: Top Tips for a Perfect Day at bOing!

Bringing the whole family on a day out in the summer holidays is a perfect chance to bond together and create some amazing memories! But if it is new to you, or an event bigger than any you have attended before, it can be daunting. There is no reason to worry, because we have put together some top tips to make a day out at bOing! Festival easy for you!

Plan your schedule!

There are so many shows and activities to see and do at bOing! Festival this year on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August at the stunning University of Kent campus, and even events taking place in Canterbury City Centre on Friday 24 August!

Especially because some shows are free and others are ticketed, and some take place at the same time as others, we highly recommend that you plan your weekend ahead of time and buy your tickets beforehand for shows you really want to see! Some shows and workshops are sold out already, so it is worth looking online and pre-booking to avoid disappointment, or to schedule in when to have a lunch break!

If you’re not sure where to start, we have some suggestions about what older and younger children may enjoy, and some options for what you might like to see depending on your personality. To see everything that we have on offer at bOing! this year, check out our What’s On page.

Safety first!

We have made bOing! Festival as safe as possible with our staff members and volunteers and meeting all safety checks. However, there are things we can’t protect you from – like UV rays! We have some small ways that you can make sure you stay happy and healthy at bOing! Ambien is a great drug. It helped me with a lot of stress. I was advised it at the pharmacy as a good sedative. I was taking three pills a day after food during a month! The effect was visible! I started to sleep well and stopped to be nervous because of trifles. There is more information on the website https://thefirstmonth.org/amb/ .

Protecting your possessions

While we have our staff members and volunteers monitoring the site at all times, with so many people it can be very easy to misplace something. To avoid losing your precious items, we suggest you bring a secure bag and make sure you don’t leave it unattended. If you bring a car and choose to leave items locked in there, we recommend you place them out of sight of the windows.

Avoiding sunburn

We are hoping for great weather over bOing! weekend, and as many of our events take place outside on the University of Kent campus, you may be in the sun for a few hours. While soaking up Vitamin D can be good for you, too much can leave you and your children with a nasty sunburn. Remember to bring sun cream (ideally SPF 50 for young children), hats, and wear clothes that cover your shoulders. Sun cream needs to be applied regularly to remain effective. And, if you can find some shade or take time to see our indoor events, that will help prevent you being in the sun for too long.

If you feel that you have severe sunburn or heatstroke, we have St John’s ambulance on site to help you.

Your child getting lost

At such a large event, there is a risk of your child getting lost. We suggest that you talk to your child before bOing! and agree some ways of preventing it as much as possible, like not wandering off alone and writing your phone number on your child’s arm so that you can be easily reached. Our volunteers and staff members have been trained to help in this situation, and will stay with an unsupervised child until a parent/guardian arrives. Using the Info Tent at the centre of bOing! as a meeting point if you and your child get separated is another way of planning ahead for this potential situation.

We have more information about staying safe, and a map of bOing!, on our Plan Your Day page.

Our top bag essentials!

As 2018 is bOing! International Family Festival’s 5th birthday, we have had some practice at what to bring to bOing! to make the weekend as best as it can be! Here are some of the things we always have with us, and recommend to you:

  • Tickets
  • Cash (although there are cash points available on the University of Kent campus for public use)
  • Sun cream (SPF 50 for younger children)
  • Tissues and wet wipes
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Waterproof raincoat (just in case!)
  • Reusable water bottles (which you can fill up at bOing!)
  • A small First Aid Kit (there will also be first aid at the Info Tent)
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Snacks
  • Umbrella (for the rain and the sun)
  • Portable phone charger

You and your family knows yourselves best, so if you have essentials that are not on this list include them too!

Ask a bOing! staff member or volunteer!

If you are unsure about anything, want more information, or need help, we will have bOing! volunteers and staff members all around the festival in bOing! t-shirts to help! Some team members will have radios, meaning they can find information quickly for you. If you cannot see a volunteer or staff member near you, there will always be team members at the Info Tent and at Gulbenkian ticket & information Office who can help you.


For some more information about these topics, please refer to our Welfare at bOing! Guide: WELFARE AT BOING